Monthly Archives: July 2007

Disney Draws the Line on Radical Evil in the Ruined Soul

  The Walt Disney Corporation, believing that the actions in its films create copycat behavior among vulnerable audience members, announced in a letter to Representative Edward Markey today that future depictions of certain bad behaviors will be “non-existant”. Chief Executive Robert A. Iger believes “that people who appear in these films and TV shows can become […]

A New Kind of Christian: Too Much “Already”, Not Enough “Not Yet”

In Francis Schaeffer’s How Then Should We Live?,the author sees the two primary values of contemporary man as personal peace and affluence. Pastor Brian McLaren’s book New Kind of Christian, seeks to find personal peace between conservative and liberal Christians by describing a “new” kind of  Christian. For readers familiar with the theology of George Eldon Ladd, […]

Pyromaniacs On The Emerging Church

Over at Pyromaniacs Phil Johnson has produced a series of  “original motivational posters based on the jargon of Emerging Christianity.” They “hope these have helped unpack some of the jargon of post-evangelicalism for some who are groping for ways to explain it succinctly.” Can humor clarify the Emerging Church’s relationship with Post-Modernism?

What is “The Gospel”?

Jesus said, “The gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations” (Mark 13:10). Surely after two thousand years Christians should agree on what that Good News is. Or do they? At IX Marks  nine pastors and theologians were asked two questions: (1) You are standing on stage before 100,000 people from every nation on earth and […]

A Revolutionary’s Handbook: Interview with J.P. Moreland on Kingdom Triangle

Imagine being awarded a major university’s top fellowship for a Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry. Then imagine turning it down to follow God’s call to minister in His kingdom. Professor J. P. Moreland of the Talbot School of Theology did more than imagine – he’s the one you’ve been trying to imagine!