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Disturb Us, Lord

My wife sent me this prayer which the Sisters of Charity posted yesterday. It was written by Sir Francis Drake in 1577. Two years later Sir Francis stepped ashore in San Francisco and introduced The Book of Common Prayer to North America: Disturb us, Lord, when We are too pleased with ourselves, When our dreams have […]

Ingmar Bergman: Struggling Against the Kingdom of God

Ingmar Bergman documented his struggle against the Kingdom of God on film. His lifelong struggle began in childhood against his father, a Lutheran minister. He was never able to separate an understanding of God the Father from his first-hand experience of his human father as god.

What Happens in Heaven

We all receive them:  emails from friends containing inspirational, or humorous, or sentimental set pieces or prayer requests, which we are asked to read and then forward, in turn, to our friends. They constitute a Christian internet sub-culture. Here is the latest I received, just as I received it:

The Secret of Being a Hypocrite

When Jesus accused a person of being a “hypocrite”, the Greek word “hypocrite”  is the word for “actor.” So as far as the New Testament Greek original is concerned, Jesus was accusing that person of being an “actor.” Consequently, learning to act is actually learning to be a hypocrite.

On Saying “I Love You, God”

I read somewhere that nowhere in the Bible does anyone ever say directly to God the words, “I love you.” I did a cursory check and found people saying:                  “I will love you, God.” (future tense)                  “I love thy commandments, God.”                  “I love thy precepts, God.”                  “I love thy law, God.” […]