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Tyler Perry Redeems Strindberg

In 1888 August Strindberg wrote a seminal work for the modern theater, with his play Miss Julie. In the short battle of the sexes, a lower class servant, Jean, seduces an upper class aristocratic woman, Miss Julie. Miss Julie, dissatisfied with her life as a woman trapped by the social conventions of her age, is […]


Recently I was interviewed by Wrecked for the Ordinary, the website of some very interesting young Christians whose mission statement reads: “Our hearts truly desire beauty, seeking it in all aspects of creation. This section features those who find it and capture it so well in their creative work.” Check it out, and them out […]

Happy Father’s Day

 Read a card from your Father here.

Thy Kingdom Comes, Embracing and Excluding

Lots of people recommend books. But when Pastor Marty O’Brien recommends a book, I can be sure it will reorient my world. Exclusion and Embrace. A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and Reconciliation (Abingdon Press, 1996) is one of those books. Like Bonhoeffer and Barth, Miroslav Volk can challenge a Christian’s walk and understanding to the […]

Laughter: When Ages Collide

This post will eventually consider laughter as a result of a collision between The Present Evil Age and The Age to Come, Here Already, But Not Yet. But first, how this post originated… If coincidences are, indeed, a way through which God speaks to us, then, it seems, once a coincidence occurs, one thing just […]