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“I’m a Fool for Christ. Whose Fool are You?”

A placard with that slogan initiated John Wimber’s journey into the Kingdom of God, to play a key role in the Third Wave of the Holy Spirit. But the question has ancient roots. King Solomon, the wisest of the wise, wondered, “Who knows whether he will be wise or a fool?” Ec 2:19. Most of […]

Handling Sin: The Great American Novel

When I was in college, professors in the English Department at the University of Virginia would occasionally mention a certain novel as possibly the “great American novel”. I recall Moby Dick, The Scarlet Letter, Huckleberry Finn, and The Great Gatsby being mentioned. I have my own candidate – Handling Sin by Michael Malone.

Atheism Poster

Copy and send this poster to friends reading books by Dawkins or Hitchens, courtesy of C. Michael Patton at Parchment and Pen:  

A Quotation Worth Mulling

“The future of the Gospel is not in the hands of the people running these religious institutions which can not and will not change; it rests in the soul of the person you ask to pass the butter.”                           – Remonstrans, the erudite but cranky blogger, who always provokes.

Blogger Reflection Nominees for You to Visit

Kevin Stilley at Encyclopedia Kevinannica, has nominated five blogs for the Blogger Reflection Award, an honor I didn’t know existed.  I happened to be one of them.