Disney Draws the Line on Radical Evil in the Ruined Soul



The Walt Disney Corporation, believing that the actions in its films create copycat behavior among vulnerable audience members, announced in a letter to Representative Edward Markey today that future depictions of certain bad behaviors will be “non-existant”. Chief Executive Robert A. Iger believes “that people who appear in these films and TV shows can become role models and kids can at times try to copy the behavior of role models.”

  So what part of what Dallas Willard calls the Radical Evil in Our Ruined Souls will be banned from Disney films as part of its public service?

Wanton violence?

  If you chose addiction, you are close.

  Given all of the radical evil and ruined souls in the Present Evil Age, The Walt Disney Company has drawn the line at………smoking cigarettes!

  Could there be anything more damaging to the human spirit to see on a screen than a person smoking tobacco?

  Not according to Disney, because the announcement promised that this courageous act will not be “a precedent for any other issue.”

  The Kingdom of God did not break in. Corporate image-building did.

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