On Saying “I Love You, God”

images1.jpgI read somewhere that nowhere in the Bible does anyone ever say directly to God the words, “I love you.”

I did a cursory check and found people saying:

                 “I will love you, God.” (future tense)
                 “I love thy commandments, God.”
                 “I love thy precepts, God.”
                 “I love thy law, God.”
                 “I love thy testimonies, God.”
                 “I love the name of the Lord.”

Not until John 21:15, when Jesus asks Peter three times, on the side of the lake, if he loves Him, does anyone in the Bible say, “I love you”. And even here Peter isn’t expressing the emotion directly to Jesus; he is saying that Jesus should know that he loves him without Peter having to say the precise words.

We are repeatedly told to love God .
But in the Bible, men and women never say those exact words directly to God.
The Bible overflows with God’s declarations of love for us.
So why are men and women silent about saying it directly to the One who teaches us how to love?

Even David never says those words to God.
Is it improper to be that direct with God about our love for Him?
Or does God want us to love Him through our lives rather than with our words?

What’s the answer?

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