Monthly Archives: April 2016

OTHELLO: THE REMIX: A Backyard Masterpiece

Commissioned for the Globe to Globe Festival by Shakespeare’s Globe, Chicago Shakespeare Theater and Richard Jordan Productions: premiered on May 5, 2013 as part of the London 2012 Cultural; toured widely, captivating audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Australia, Germany, South Korea, Poland, New Zealand, and United Arab Emirates; garnered tremendous acclaim and honors, including […]

Steppenwolf’s MARY PAGE MARLOWE: Peer Gynt’s Granddaughter

One of the great themes of Western literature arises in the temple of Apollo at Delphi with the maxim, “Know Thyself”. Early in Tracy Letts beautifully lyrical play, Mary Page Marlowe, the heroine and her girlfriends at a slumber party consult the tarot to learn who, exactly, Mary Page Marlowe is, and will be. The […]

The Goodman Theatre’s THE MATCHMAKER: Just Right

It is just what it always has been, a scrambled, scattered, flyaway farce, full of loose ends, moralizing asides and fascinating people. Its happy endings sprout right down to the footlights, where they speak up, wishing you the same. Enticingly adorned and enjoyably staged, it has the adaptable shape of a beanbag, a pixilated warmth […]