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“Motown was a dream that came true.” So says Berry Gordy, the man whose “rags to riches” life is the subject of this new musical, which begins and ends in 1983 Pasadena, California. (The circumstance is Berry Gordy deciding whether to attend the anniversary show celebrating Motown Records twenty five years.) The plot chronicles Berry’s episodic […]

JACOB Triumphs with God

Chicago is as known for new plays, as the theater is for pretentious non-musical plays based on the Bible. Poet Archibald MacLeish’s 1958 over-hyped retelling of the book of Job, J.B.,   was camouflaged by the theatrical pyrotechnics of director Elia Kazan and the glorious voices of master actors Raymond Massey, Christopher Plummer, and Pat Hingle. […]