The Third Wave and You

3-wave.jpgDo you think the “Third Wave” of Pentacostalism has influenced your church? Don’t be too sure.

During a vacation to Michigan, my brother-in-law Scott took me on a wonderful tour of his alma mater, Calvin College. While marveling at the beautiful facilities, we found many free publications, including copies of BANNER: The Magazine of the Christian Reformed Church. Inside the May edition, the article “Riding the Third Wave” by Rev. Peter Hoytema caught my attention.

The Reverend suggests you perform this experiment: While sipping coffee some Sunday morning after the worship service, ask a few friends, “How do you think the Third Wave movement has influenced this church?”

He guesses you’ll get blank stares.

My brother in law, an accomplished choral director, says the hymnals now contain more lyrics about the Holy Spirit.

The Rev. Hoytema has some questions which can focus your investigation:
                Has a growing emphasis on intercessory prayer been evident in recent years?
                Have you held a “healing service”?
                Is your church using, or considering using, the Alpha course?
                Has your church offered a course to help people identify their spiritual gifts?

Affirmative answers indicate the influence of the Third Wave.

Read the traditionally cautious Christian Reformed Church’s Response to the Third Wave.

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