Monthly Archives: May 2007

God Visits Damnation Alley

Even though we know that the Kingdom of God can suddenly break into anyone’s life at any time, it comes as a jolt to come across an invasion into the world of the detective novel. But that’s what happens in the third volume of Andrew Klavan’s masterful Weiss/Bishop trilogy, the accurately named, Damnation Alley.

Do You Like Modern Art?

The always provocative “Spengler” at Asia Times has a very strong essay, “Why You Pretend to Like Modern Art” The writer’s muscular prose style, erudition, and anonymity have made a sport of guessing his identity. (Nominees range from V. S. Naipaul and Henry Kissinger through John Farrenkopf, Dmitry Shlapentokh, Nick Land, and David P. Goldman, […]

Facing the Giant Controversy

In 1636 a play opened in Paris to riots in the theater’s boxes and seats. The first performance of Le Cid by Pierre Corneille drew rabid opponents and supporters to duke it out as the performance on stage rolled along. So contentious was the debate in Paris that Cardinal Richelieu asked the newly formed French […]

Our Mr. Demkowicz

Unlike any other living thing, human beings learn vicariously through the experiences of other human beings. Storytelling is the trait which God gave us to allow this unique feature of our species to work; no other species tells stories of their experiences past, present, and future. Our stories come from our lives – what we […]