Monthly Archives: September 2021

Take Some ELIXIR OF LOVE For The Covid Blues

An aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic is that many people can’t seem to shake a feeling of anxiety,  worry, even fear. Theater and music, at their best, have risen to such occasions, to proclaim the opposite message: Life is a joyous gift from God. Don’t be afraid. What good is sitting alone in your room…. […]


Classical music organizations have always looked for ways to expand their repertoire beyond the tried-and-true canon. New symphonies and operas have been commissioned almost from the beginning of the group’s founding. The problem is that the new works have a short life span; few, if any, ever have a life beyond their premiere. Artistic directors […]

A Macbeth to Celebrate

“This tragedy is one of the greatest creations of man!” thought Giuseppe Verdi as he began the long and often frustrating process of bringing his operatic version of Shakespeare’s classic to fruition. Tracing a composer’s creative process can help us appreciate his finished work. When composing this particular work, Verdi poured everything he had into […]