Monthly Archives: August 2007

Radical Feminist Calls for Religion to Lead the Artistic Renaissance

Who would expect a self-avowed pro-choice, libertarian atheist to call for a renaissance of America’s fine arts through religion?

The Kingdom Advances with an Army of One

There is a lot of talk about The Missional Church, even though precisely what “missional” means is still up for grabs. I assume it has to do with our charge to “Love our neighbor as ourselves.” We have been told that such a mission can’t be left to just another church program. Everybody seems to […]

Is Jesus for Universal Health Care?

 On ABC’s The View, Star Parker and Michael Moore discussed universal health care. Mr. Moore insisted that Jesus would favor his plan. At The Scriptorium, J. P. Moreland sets him straight.

Is EVERYONE Going to Heaven?

That question arose at a Princeton University Karl Barth Conference, as reported by Joel Garver at Sacra Doctrina.