An Army Chaplain Prays for Higher Education

floroiraq_medium.jpgIn “Show, Don’t Tell” at The Education of Oronte Churm, Professor Chrum, a lecturer in English, googles old army pal Chris Floro and discovers him to be a Special Operations Chaplain. He has posted a fascinating interview in which Pastor Floro talks about becoming a Christian, then a chaplain, and a side of the military not often seen in the main stream media. It concludes with a prayer for American higher education

In the interview Chaplain Floro notes, “Without a doubt this war is having a huge impact on the military family. My unit is particular has been deployed non-stop since 9/11. We are tired but unbowed. Soldiers like to complete the mission, and this mission as yet is incomplete. I believe this is a long war and one we must see through to completion. But I honestly am not sure what that completion will look like.

“I believe that as a country we have lost our way with our wealth. We have so much and yet give so little to those in need. With great blessing comes great responsibility to be gracious, giving and sacrificial—individually and nationally. In many ways the American soldier exemplifies what is good about our country, what made it strong and a beacon to the world—sacrifice, service, duty, commitment, and honor.”

Here is his concluding prayer:

“Lord, I thank you for this opportunity to share with others the goodness and grace you have demonstrated to me. I thank you for those who work in higher education, seeking to instill knowledge, truth and wisdom into the minds of young and old. As they do so, may we all be reminded of the awesome responsibility to selflessly use our gifts and talents. Be with the sons and daughters of America who have chosen to serve in our military, many of who have or will seek education through our institutions of higher learning. Protect them and their families until they are safely reunited. And, God, may you continue to bless our country. In Jesus’ name, I pray.”

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