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The Best Christmas Carol

If Garrison Keillor’s Praire Home Companion and Charles Ludlam’s Ridiculous Theatrical Company ever sired a child, it could very well be The Oddfellow Theater of Buckfield, Maine. Born in 1996 through the efforts of Kim and Mike Miclon, the company has been presenting a variety of “theatricales”, their latest being Bah Hoonchbach! A Very Odd […]


To read anything by the Bishop of Durham is to read with fresh eyes, as if reading for the first time. This book is part of a series , and, after reading this volume, I am eager to read the rest. His chapters end with questions which can linger for hours, days, or weeks: On […]

“Why are women, who have the whole male world at their mercy, not funny?”

Christopher Hitchens once again goes where no other man dare. Click here, (if you are brave enough).


The end of the West will not come from global warming, but from demographic suicide. If any one book  should be read now, it is America Alone. Victor Davis Hansen explains why here.

HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY by John Ford: An Icon of the Holy Trinity

Late in the evening of February 17, 1938 my father was caught sneaking into his house after curfew by my grandfather. My father was unable to explain that he had been taking care of his father’s mother. They had a terrible argument and each retired for the night with the issue unresolved. My grandfather awoke […]