Monthly Archives: December 2006

ROCKY BALBOA: A Parable of Faith

His career is already over, but not yet. As God brought miraculous power to the elderly Abraham, Sara, Moses, Zechariah, and Elizabeth, the Kingdom of God will break into the aged Rocky Balboa’s life.

THE LANGUAGE OF GOD: Coincidence is God’s Way of Talking to Us

While God was working on getting me into His kingdom, I turned on the television one Sunday morning to settle my mind after a baffling series of coincidences,only to find, on a random channel, the old evangelist R.A. Shaumbach saying, “Coincidence is God’s way of talking to us.” I immediately turned off the television.

Jay Bakker: “Jesus is the Savior, Not Christianity”

Jay Bakker is the only son of TV evangelists Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Messner. Mr. Bakker is the pastor of the Revolution church inside a bar in New York City called Pete’s Candy Store and the star of a documentary film entitled One Punk Under God, running on the Sundance television channel.

LIVE FROM IRAQ: What the Soldiers Experience

As the proud father of a soldier in the Fourth Infantry Division, I trust what the men on the ground say much more than the mainsteam media. At I find the war as seen and posted by Bill Roggio, a former active duty soldier and current blogger embedded with marines in Iraq. He offers […]

THE NATIVITY STORY: The Faithfulness of God

           The French drama critic Ferdinand Brunetiere observed that the essence of drama is conflict. The two most popular American Christmas movies illustrate this.