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Blogger Reflection Nominees for You to Visit

Kevin Stilley at Encyclopedia Kevinannica, has nominated five blogs for the Blogger Reflection Award, an honor I didn’t know existed.  I happened to be one of them.

Is EVERYONE Going to Heaven?

That question arose at a Princeton University Karl Barth Conference, as reported by Joel Garver at Sacra Doctrina.

Ingmar Bergman: Struggling Against the Kingdom of God

Ingmar Bergman documented his struggle against the Kingdom of God on film. His lifelong struggle began in childhood against his father, a Lutheran minister. He was never able to separate an understanding of God the Father from his first-hand experience of his human father as god.

Pyromaniacs On The Emerging Church

Over at Pyromaniacs Phil Johnson has produced a series of  “original motivational posters based on the jargon of Emerging Christianity.” They “hope these have helped unpack some of the jargon of post-evangelicalism for some who are groping for ways to explain it succinctly.” Can humor clarify the Emerging Church’s relationship with Post-Modernism?


Recently I was interviewed by Wrecked for the Ordinary, the website of some very interesting young Christians whose mission statement reads: “Our hearts truly desire beauty, seeking it in all aspects of creation. This section features those who find it and capture it so well in their creative work.” Check it out, and them out […]