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The Sopranos: The Present Evil Age on HBO

From the days of the early Medieval theater, Satan and his demons- in whatever contemporary guise they appear – have been the most alluring characters on stage or film. Representing the world of this Present Evil Age in all its “glory”, Satan speaks the vernacular while the other characters speak Latin.              Subsequent Satans use […]

Apprentice or Disciple?

Like the eighteen apprentices on NBC’s popular series, the twelve disciples vied to win the seat by their master’s right hand. But the paths and the masters could not be more different. Compare the Official Trump biography with that of Jesus.

Jay Bakker: “Jesus is the Savior, Not Christianity”

Jay Bakker is the only son of TV evangelists Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Messner. Mr. Bakker is the pastor of the Revolution church inside a bar in New York City called Pete’s Candy Store and the star of a documentary film entitled One Punk Under God, running on the Sundance television channel.