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A Warrior of God: Charles George Gordon

His memorial service was held in an overflowing St. Paul’s Cathedral. Queen Victoria displayed his well-worn Bible in a place of honor in her palace. Schools, gardens, parks, war craft, stained-glass windows were named after him. Statues were erected around the world. His bust stands in Westminster Abbey. Tennyson eulogized him in verse. If your […]

LIFEBOAT: Alfred Hitchcock’s Parable of the Strong Man

  The ship is sinking. The seas are rough. The only lifeboat can hold no more than six. Eight people climb aboard. Who should stay? Who should go? Many group discussions of ethical dilemmas begin with scenarios like this one. Partially to spur American entrance into the world war against the Nazis, Alfred Hitchcock appropriated […]

9 – 11 – 10

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? As it is written, “For your sake x we are being killed all the day long; we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered.” No, in all these things we are more […]

Remember: Nothing Has Changed

Memorial Day 2009

Remembering grandfathers of 1917, veterans of The Great War: Paul Kuric Peter Briese

A MUST READ: American Babylon. Notes of a Christian Exile

Father Richard John Neuhaus has left us a remarkable book. Looking through it to prepare a review, I saw that I had highlighted almost the entire book! To whet your appetite, let me quote  the conclusion at length, so that you might hurry off to get a copy “Through the preceding chapters, these notes from […]



Czech Humor

 Vaclav Klaus’ provocative new book Blue Planet in Green Shackles. What is Endangered: Climate or Freedom.

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, R.I.P.

Let’s Say Thanks in Support of Our Troops

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