Monthly Archives: December 2014

THE HUMANS: From America’s Chekhov

The Humans is the latest play by Stephen Karam, author of Sons of the Prophet, a play with which The Humans shares many similarities. Both plays feature multiple generations of immigrant families: the Lebanese Christian Douaihy family in Sons of the Prophet, and the Irish American Blake family in The Humans. Both families reside in […]

PERICLES: “What pageantry, what feats, what shows!”

To paraphrase Emerson, a great work of theatre is the lengthened shadow of one man’s great imagination. His character determines the character of the production.The great work of theater I have in mind is the Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s current production of William Shakespeare’s Pericles Prince of Tyre. The great imagination I have in mind belongs […]

CHRISTMAS ON THE AIR: A Christmas Gift to Chicago

The Christmas season is a gift to performing artists. People want entertainment at Christmas and are willing to leave the comfort of their homes to find it. Dozens of different types of performances are scheduled, employing hundreds, if not thousands, of artists. Many performers depend upon Christmas to keep them going through the year. As […]

PORGY AND BESS: Gal, Lawd, and Song

The Lyric Opera’s production of George Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess was a revelation. I knew, according to music critic Joseph Horowitz 1, that George Gershwin, along with Charles Ives, was the genius composer who, with Porgy and Bess, mediated between high culture and popular music. I knew, according to the Lyric opera’s dynamic general manager […]