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Remy Bumppo’s An Inspector Calls: Excellent Acting, Provocative Script

The stated mission of Remy Bumppo Theatre Company, in its 17th year, is to “engage audiences with the emotional and ethical complexities of society through the provocative power of great theatrical language.” J. B. Priestley’s 1945 mystery An Inspector Calls is probably more provocative now than when it premiered in Josef Stalin’s 1945 Russia, but for […]

A Q Brothers’ Christmas Carol: Burlesque is Back and the Audience Loves It!

Charles Dickens was an enthusiastic patron of burlesque; he noted, “the sacred lamp of burlesque” is “always crammed”. No, the author of A Christmas Carol wasn’t a fancier of striptease clubs. The term burlesque originally denoted a form of theatre, now almost extinct. Shadows of this, the greatest popular entertainment, may be seen in reruns […]