Monthly Archives: July 2012

A Warrior of God: Charles George Gordon

His memorial service was held in an overflowing St. Paul’s Cathedral. Queen Victoria displayed his well-worn Bible in a place of honor in her palace. Schools, gardens, parks, war craft, stained-glass windows were named after him. Statues were erected around the world. His bust stands in Westminster Abbey. Tennyson eulogized him in verse. If your […]

Catching Fire: A Pentecost

After reading the The Hunger Games, with its use of Christian imagery and symbols, the title Catching Fire, the second book of Suzanne Collins’ trilogy should cause the reader to think of The Pentecost. The word “Pentecost” comes from the Greek name for the Old Testament festival that was called the Feast of Weeks. Chapter 2 […]

Providence and The Beaver

Watching a man struggle with clinical depression makes a powerful psychological story rarely seen on stage or screen. In The Beaver, Walter Black, president of the JerryCo toy company founded by his deceased father, suffers from a form of severe depression known as Anhedonia, characterized by the inability to experience pleasure or to desire to […]

Thomas Hart Benton: The Prodigal Son

When reading Peter Hitchens wonderful book The Rage Against God I was particularly struck by his personal reflection on Thomas Hart Benton’s The Prodigal Son. I wanted to post a blog about that but found that Dennis Skinner had done it for me. So why try to reinvent the wheel. Here it is: The Other […]