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Memorial Day 2009

Remembering grandfathers of 1917, veterans of The Great War: Paul Kuric Peter Briese

A MUST READ: American Babylon. Notes of a Christian Exile

Father Richard John Neuhaus has left us a remarkable book. Looking through it to prepare a review, I saw that I had highlighted almost the entire book! To whet your appetite, let me quote  the conclusion at length, so that you might hurry off to get a copy “Through the preceding chapters, these notes from […]

Cinevangelism: A Christian Introduction to the Movies

There are some Christians who avoid seeing movies because they fear polluting their souls. Other Christians see every movie, convinced that nothing can harm them. If you know either of these types, The Message Behind the Movie. How to Engage with a Film without Disengaging Your Faith by Douglas M. Beaumont is for you.