“A New Life” Selected for 2008 BCIFF

345_bciff_logo.jpgMy film “A New Life”, based on the short story by Mary Ward Brown, has been chosen as one of five films to be shown at The 2008 Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival (BCIFF)  Short Film category, August 7-9, 2008 in Houston, TX.

To God be the Glory and praise for such talented collaborators. With them, ( and my dear wife, Kathleen) a $500.00 budget can go a long way!

The Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival (BCIFF)is presented by The PROGRESS Arts Group Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to educate, evangelize and create opportunities through the arts. The Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival (BCIFF) was founded by its executive director, Shanda Davis, to showcase diverse film and video projects that:
-Educate and enlighten us on political, social, psychological, economic, health, religious and a variety of other issues,
-Offer hope and encouragement as well as inspire us to contribute towards the betterment of society and
-Display positive relationships, morals, individual and family values.

The Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival’s mission is:
* To provide a viable platform for independent filmmakers and artists from around the world to showcase their works,
* To provide awareness to the world about the variety of educational, inspirational and positive works available and the need to integrate more of these types of works into society,
* To provide a networking platform for filmmakers and industry professionals and
* To showcase the artistic excellence of children & youth in Houston and surrounding areas and provide scholarships to assist them in furthering their arts education.
Proceeds from the festival will go towards the SHOCK Arts Children & Youth Arts & Wellness Program.Their mission is:
* To provide arts awareness, education and training to low income children and youth,
* To provide a platform for children and youth to showcase and cultivate their creative gifts and provide scholarships to assist them in furthering their arts education.
* To provide a positive alternative to the negative alternatives in their environment.

 This year’s festival will showcase exceptional educational, inspirational and positive films and videos from around the world. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to experience the best works from independent filmmakers and artists from throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Barbados, Hong Kong, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, Cambodia, Japan, India and many other countries. There will also be a special “Young Filmmaker’s Showcase” spotlighting films made by youth from around the world.

We will be offering a wide variety of seminars and workshops facilitated by world-renowned industry professionals who have years of experience and recognition in their field.

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