Monthly Archives: April 2008

Don’t Do It, Dick the Butcher!

In Shakespeare’s Henry VI, as Jack Cade’s gang of comic villains are plotting the overthrow of the king, they discuss the utopia they hope to establish. The outlaw Dick the Butcher advises, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” The line brought down the house. But today, I salute one new lawyer, […]

Saving the Farmer’s Daughter

“The farmer’s daughter” has been a symbol of female innocence and virginal beauty. The daughter of the Farmer family, the mid-twentieth century actress Frances, has been the subject of books and a film, Frances. Her story, both fictional and biographical, demonstrates that no one, however hard she may try, may escape the saving grace of […]

CITIZEN KANE: Echoes of Eden

Consistently on top of the list of best American films, Citizen Kane is hailed as an exposition of the hollowness of the American dream—financial affluence and material luxury. Perhaps Orson Welles’ film receives its power from another earlier, exposition – human beings cannot create the Paradise they have lost.

Jesus: God’s Medium is God’s Message

Whenever the relationship between the media and Christianity is raised, the name of Marshall McLuhan is close behind. In addition to being a pioneer in the history of the media’s influence on culture, Mr. McLuhan was a devout Christian. The 2008 EO Symposium, sponsored this year by Wheatstone Academy asks this question:  “If the medium affects […]


He knows what it profits to gain the world but lose his soul; Willie Aames  was  on the top of the Hollywood world as teen star. Maylo Upton-Aames absorbed the pains and pleasures of this Present Evil Age; then she learned that the Greek word for “saved” is the same as the word for “healed” […]