Monthly Archives: March 2008

What Would Madea Say?

 Film critic Christian Poto  observes that “Tyler Perry has plenty in common with the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., the embattled former senior pastor at Sen. Barack Obama’s Chicago church.” Is he serious? To read the whole essay click here.

Close to Home: Theater Professor Makes Leap to Film

The short movie, based on a story by Mary Ward Brown, was shot in Central Maine with local talent. By ISAAC KESTENBAUM, News Assistant   March 12, 2008   After 40 years of working as a stage director, Paul Kuritz decided to make a movie.

Lift Your Cup Already, for the Kingdom Not Yet!

During Holy Week we commemorate Christ’s Last Supper, when He declined the fourth cup of wine of the Passover Seder meal, announcing that we would drink it together in His Kingdom. On Easter Sunday, we drink that Fourth Cup because, with His resurrection from the dead, His Kingdom has now come, and He reigns!

Babel: On the Insufficiency of Travel

By dispersing the workers seeking to build a tower to Him, God wanted us to understand the hard truth that the way to Him and all He can provide is through Himself and not through uniting with one another. By making cooperation frustrating through linguistic differences, God planted the seeds for cultural differences and cultural […]