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John D’Elia on George Eldon Ladd

John A. D’Elia’s biography of George Eldon Ladd has rightly been hailed as the definitive look on the American theologian who brought evangelical Christian scholarship to “a place at the table” of the world’s great theologians of his day. Ladd’s books are not only required reading in most seminaries but are also sold in local […]

The Interview with God

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An Army Chaplain Prays for Higher Education

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Ingmar Bergman: Struggling Against the Kingdom of God

Ingmar Bergman documented his struggle against the Kingdom of God on film. His lifelong struggle began in childhood against his father, a Lutheran minister. He was never able to separate an understanding of God the Father from his first-hand experience of his human father as god.

The Secret of Being a Hypocrite

When Jesus accused a person of being a “hypocrite”, the Greek word “hypocrite”  is the word for “actor.” So as far as the New Testament Greek original is concerned, Jesus was accusing that person of being an “actor.” Consequently, learning to act is actually learning to be a hypocrite.

A Revolutionary’s Handbook: Interview with J.P. Moreland on Kingdom Triangle

Imagine being awarded a major university’s top fellowship for a Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry. Then imagine turning it down to follow God’s call to minister in His kingdom. Professor J. P. Moreland of the Talbot School of Theology did more than imagine – he’s the one you’ve been trying to imagine!


Recently I was interviewed by Wrecked for the Ordinary, the website of some very interesting young Christians whose mission statement reads: “Our hearts truly desire beauty, seeking it in all aspects of creation. This section features those who find it and capture it so well in their creative work.” Check it out, and them out […]